6 Reasons Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Is Worth The Money

6 Reasons Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Is Worth The Money

June 20, 2019 2 By Ini Brain

You might wonder is the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) device worth it?. Is it worth the money? Is the device even useful?. There are lots of things that come in when looking to buy a smart speaker.

The new Amazon 3rd Generation Echo dot device is definitely one of the best smart speakers and the best buy echo devices.

Regardless of whether you are considering transforming your entire house into a smart home or you need to make your ordinary day by day undertakings somewhat helpful. The Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is extremely the best approach.

There are such many things this gadget can accomplish for you, you need not get up from the love seat or lift a finger, you can do all of this with your voice. I will share why I think the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation is worth your money!

1. Price

Amazon did a great job, leaving the price tag of the 3rd generation Echo Dot affordable. The 2nd generation Dot was a great way to have Alexa around your house. Now the newer Echo Dot gives you the choice of setting Alexa all over your home for a smaller price.

So if you are thinking of getting the previous version of the Echo Dot, there is no need for that, with $49.99 you can get the newer version with great features, better sound and incredible look which we will discuss next

Amazon echo dot 3rd generation technical details
Amazon echo dot 3rd generation design
Photo credit: Amazon

2. Design

I think the new Echo Dot looks dope; it has this awesome wrap around the speakers, feels like a plastic design, and it has a cool looking led indicator which turns different colors, the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) looks clean and it comes with 3 basic different colors (Sandstone, Charcoal, Heather Gray). Which can go around with any kind of environment setup? It looks nice for what it is.

3. Voice Assistant & Home Automation

Much as the same as the Google Assistant, Alexa is truly equipped for helping you know whatever you want to know, she can respond to practically any inquiries, decently fast and accurately.

“Alexa, what’s the highest mountain in African? ”

Apart from all of this basic fact, enjoy setting alarms, controlling your smart home, playing music and these different things you can play games with Alexa, I recently tried one out it is a jeopardy game, and I thought it was cool.

If you are familiar with the word Smart Home or Home Automation, you would know that you definitely need a voice assistant to easily control your smart home devices, such as your Philip Hue Light, Window Blinds, TV and so on.

We have considered echo Dot one of the best smart home devices to control your home, compared to Google Home and Siri. It can connect to a larger number of smart home devices, and it also got thousands of skills you can enable. The Echo Plus is better to control your smart home device because it has an inbuilt hub inside.

4. Smart Speaker

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation makes a great smart speaker because you can connect it to any of your favorite music streaming services. I use Spotify; It doesn’t matter which one you make use of Alexa can play music from many of the streaming services.

“Alexa, play Adele from Spotify”

There’s a headphone jack at the back so if you are still not a fan of the speaker quality, you can hook it up to whatever speakers you want. Like the Sonos speakers.

Apart from streaming music on this device and linking it to whatever speakers you want, you can also pair two of these together to get a stereo sound, you can put one in your living, one in your bedroom or kitchen plays the same music on all the speakers.

This speaker has a beam- sound quality, and that’s not terrible, but together you can bump it up to a beam+ sound quality. With this, it might be a nice addition to your household.

5. Communication

First, you can communicate with these devices; you can make regular old voice calls to numbers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. It’s very plain and simple, especially when you have your contact signed up, but it has an unknown caller ID. Which is a turnoff for me since I don’t enjoy answering calls with an unknown ID.

Second, you can drop in on anybody with an Echo device. Also in the Alexa settings, you can link up a Skype account to Alexa, so not only can you make regular old voice calls, but you can also make video and voice call on Skype. I think this is another great feature.

6. Linked to Amazon Service

This is linked to the Amazon service, prime music, prime video, you can add things to your cart, and if you are a prime member, you can make a purchase straight up with your echo, I think this capability beyond streaming music and video is just awesome; it is the future. For example, you can order anything, just sitting on your desk or couch with just your voice. I think this is one of the best features you can do with this device.

Bottom Line

The Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing product in the 3rd generation, in particular; I think it looks great compared to the 2nd generation. I think it is worth it; For a cheap price tag, you get an Alexa voice-controlled smart speaker with a better sound, greater look. And it has tons of lovely features to go with.

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