Logitech Harmony Elite Review – Smart Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony Elite Review – Smart Universal Remote

September 28, 2019 0 By Ini Brain

Universal remotes have come a long way, and we can now integrate them into our smart home and voice assistant. You can have the Logitech Harmony Elite remote setup and integrated with your smart home systems; such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, Phillip Hue, and August Smart Locks

You can get any of the Logitech Harmony remote that is affordable and switch on all of your entertainment devices with a single button press. But the Harmony Elite Remote takes that experience to another different level.

What is Logitech Harmony Elite Remote?

Logitech Harmony Elite is a smart universal remote that controls up to 15 entertainment devices; It also has an Alexa voice assistant integrated. and touch screen enabled, with motion sensing, vibration feedback. It works with your IOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices. You can set the automation schedule to control your home.

One thing that sets the harmony remotes apart from other traditional universal remote is the easy setup and the remote ability for tracking and saving your system settings and input.

With a cheap universal remote, you will have manually hit the TV power and Dvr power until you get everything set up like you need it to be. If you have a smart TV, X-box, Play station, Apple TV, Blue-ray player, Soundbar, and Cable player. You will have to joggle between 6 or more remotes. But the cheapest of the Harmony Remote takes that all down with a single button press. Hit the watch TV button and everything springs to life on its own, powering up and switching input.

Read this: For full detailed specifications of the Harmony Elite Remote

Logitech harmony hub

The Harmony Hub

The Logitech Elite comes with a hub that is the brain of everything; This blast out the inferred signal that controls entertainment devices, such as; Dvr’s and TVs, as well connect to Bluetooth devices like your play station 4 and WIFI.

There are even a couple of extension IR blasters, which you can place around to cover some of your devices that are not in sight from the hub itself.

This means you can hide all of your devices and you no longer have to point your remote directly at things to get them to work. So you can put most of your device in a cabinet and you could still control them. Isn’t that great?

The remote uses radio frequency to connect to the hub and gives commands; These features don’t work with Harmony 350 or harmony 650. So you don’t have to worry about object blocking the signal to remote or someone walking by and obstructing you.

harmony elite app

The Harmony Elite App

You can load the harmony app on your phone or tablet and control your devices, if you have an amazon echo, you can activate the Alexa skills and use your voice command for different modes. The same is true for Google Home.

With the Google Home Hub, you can have a very nice visual content. One of its downsides is that you can link voice commands to one hub at a time, so if you have over one Hub, choose which Hub uses the voice command.

You can also program a specific word for a specific channel, so you can ask Alexa to turn the TV to XYZ and it would turn the TV on and change to the proper channel number on your TV or cable box. You can customize the button on your remote from the app. 

harmony elite smart home integration

Smart Home Integration

You can link your Hub to your smart home device such as; Amazon Echo and Google Home, Phillip Hue, Nest, Ecobee, Lutron. You can set up automated routines, so when you use the remote to watch the TV, the light can go off or get low to an appropriate level.

The Remote has several dedicated smart home buttons on itself, which you can use to turn off and on light or outlet with a press. It is easier to control your smart home device.

setting the harmony elite remote

Setting up the harmony elite

The Logitech harmony has been around for quite some time now. To set up the Harmony Elite remote, you just need to install the app on a phone or tablet and follow the setup instructions.

This would get your Hub and remote on your Wi-Fi after that you can set up all the remote and other devices that you want to control.

For a TV, you just type in the brand’s name and model number. This would bring out a confirmation screen with matching options from the Harmony databases. Once you finish setting up your device, the Harmony app will usually ask you if you would like to create activities for the devices you just added.

You tell it which device would control the volume, what input each device should have, HDMI, and confirm if you can see and hear everything properly, and then Harmony asks you if you would like to have smart home devices to your activities.

So you can set your smart light like Phillip Hue to turn on a specific level and colors.


Logitech Harmony Remote has become the go-to for the best universal remote, and there is a good reason; It just works, yes they can be a little difficult to set up but once you do. They are reliable and family-friendly.

Other remotes do similar things like Neeo smart remote, Ray super universal remote and Caavo universal remote but they don’t have this large hub capacity and as well the tight integrations to the smart home tech. All around the harmony, elite remote work best.


Touch screen enabled

Built-in rechargeable battery

Smart home integration


No, in-built ZigBee and Z-Wave support

Connection Issues

Premium Price

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