Top 10 Amazon Alexa Skills You May Not Know

Top 10 Amazon Alexa Skills You May Not Know

May 15, 2019 0 By Ini Brain

There are thousands of Alexa skills you can enable on your Amazon Echo devices, whatever skills you want you can basically find it out there. We are going to be giving you 10 valuable skills, you need on your Echo device.

You can do all of this skill with any of the Amazon Echo devices, so this skill doesn’t just work with the Amazons Echo Plus or Echo Dot, it actually works on all Amazons Echo device.

So what are these 10 things valuable things, you should be doing every day with your Amazon Echo devices?

alexa game skill

Alexa Skills – Play Games & Quizzes

The first thing you can do with your Amazon Echo device plays games or quiz now, you might not be aware but they are lots of games, you can play with your amazon echo devices.

One which is actually my favorite is turbo hero, this is a quiz game, it calls out questions and you shout out the answers. And you get to know if you are right or wrong, you also get to play this with multiple players.

How to play

“Alexa, open Turbo Hero”

To get started, tell Alexa to open turbo hero

Then you get a response from Alexa asking how many users want to play and then you get the game instructions and rules. The game allows multiple players. So it’s a fun game to play with family and friends, and a beautiful skill the kids would love. It’s a great Alexa skill that brings you all together.

Alexa harmony

Alexa harmony skills – Control Your Television

Now the second valuable thing you can do with your Amazon Echo device is controlling your television, yes, you can control your TV with the voice assistant, this is one skill you can’t do without. Although I am not a TV person and if you are not the TV person as well, you might be wondering how this skill can help you. It is surely a helpful skill you would want to enable on your Echo device.

Now, this links up with your Logic Harmony remote, don’t know how to go about that, don’t worry we got it covered here. “How to link your Alexa to logic harmony”. So you do need to have the logic harmony remote to set this up.

But if you have that, all you have to do is enable and link it up with any of the Echo devices you have through the Alexa app. And then it’s so, so simple to change the channel or start your tv, increase/decrease your tv volume, switch to different HDMI resources and so much more with your voice.

How to use

“Alexa turn on sky Tv”

“ Hey Alexa Change channel to 115”

“Alexa turn the volume down/up”

All of the things you can do with your Logic Harmony remote you can do with your Echo device using your voice. So if you have got one or thinking of getting one of the logic harmony remotes. You should, it is actually brilliant when you hook it up with your Echo devices.

play radio with Alexa

Alexa Skills – Play Bbc/ Radio Stations

If you like to listen to the radio this is actually simple to do with any of the Echo devices. You can listen to the latest news by just asking Alexa. I personally think it is awesome that the Echo can serve as a radio as well.

How it works

“Alexa play radio two”


Alexa Skills – Find And Get Recipes

“Hey Alexa what the recipes for spaghetti Bolognese”

This is another great feature, it doesn’t matter whether you want the step by step process, or how to make whatever you are after or again, you just want the ingredient, you got it all here very, very easy to follow.

Speaking of easy to follow, I actually love that if you go to your Alexa app, you would find out it has automatically sent the recipe to you and the step by step process. So again, you can follow along with the device.

shopping with your echo

Alexa skills – Make A Shopping List

After you must have seen the ingredient you need, you may want to add them to your shopping list and this again is very, very simple to do. All you have to do is tell the Alexa device what you want and it will automatically create a list for you.

“Alexa add spaghetti to my shopping list”

So you can be looking in your fridge or your house, and you find something you need. Just ask Alexa to add it to your list. And then when you go to your Alexa app after you have called out everything you need.

Open Alexa app —–>goto list ——->shopping.

You would find those things there. You can also add to it while in the app, and change the position of the item according to priority or important


Alexa skills – Get Your Horoscope

It is super simple to find out what your latest horoscope reading is. The horoscope skill is great for those who love astrology

“Alexa, what’s my horoscope I am Aquarius “

With this feature, you can find out what your horoscope is going to be today, and you can ask for the general horoscope of other people.

Alexa with firestick

7. Control Your Firestick Tv

When you set up your Echo device for the first time, it should find any Firestick that you may have automatically, and it’s very easy to control.

“Alexa, Acrimony on five TV”

“Alexa find me movies on fire tv”

It is simple to do and easy to set up. If you don’t see your Fire TV device in there, make sure it is switched on, and it should be on the same WiFi network, then you should go to search device or add the device and it would find it


Alexa Skills – Get Lottery Numbers

I always recommend getting an Echo device by the side of your bed. So you can easily find out if you should get up and go to work or not

“ Alexa what is the lottery result today ”

Well, if she calls out your number, you definitely won’t be going to work, another great thing about these features is the information also gets sent to the Alexa app. Just go into activities in your app and you will see the lottery numbers there.

set timer with the echo

Alexa Skills – Timer Set 1 Or Multiple

This is one feature I use every day, it is really, really simple. Yes, you know timing is everything.

“Alexa set A timer for 1 minute”

Alexa set a timer for 10 seconds”

You can have multiple timers going off at the same instant, so if you have different things coming out of the oven this comes really handy. You can also use this, to set alarms for different times as well.

control your light with the echo

Alexa Skills – Control Your Hue Lights

Now this works with your Phillip Hues Bulbs, so you do need to have them for this to work. So if you have them or you are planning to get them. This is simple to use, you can brilliantly set them up and have complete control over all of your lights

How to

goto Alexa app—–>your smart home skills ——> enable smart home skills ——–>search for hue light ——–>click enable —-> link it with your Phillip hues account ——> discover devices.

You can control your light and scenes, you can set different scenes to your echo device. 

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The Takeaway

So there you go guys, and again there are thousands of skill you can enable on your echo devices, depending on what skills you need, you can find it out there. Please let us know in the comment below, what your favorites Alexa skills are?.

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